Servo näidis

Servomootor peab olema ühendatud anduri mooduliga. Oluline on jälgida, et servomootor oleks õigesti ühendatud. Õige ühendamise viis on näha allolevalt pildilt:

Vajaminevad teegid:

lib_deps = ITTIoT
 * IoT Servo example
 * This example subscribe to the "servo" topic. When a message received, then it
 * change servo position
 * Created 11 Sept 2017 by Heiko Pikner
// Includes global variables and librarys that the servo motor uses
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Servo.h>
#include <ittiot.h>
#define MODULE_TOPIC "ESP30/servo"
#define WIFI_NAME "name"
#define WIFI_PASSWORD "password"
//Pin definition for the Servo (D3)
#define SERVO_PIN            D3
Servo myservo;  // create servo object to control a servo
// Change the servo position (value between 0 and 180) when a message has been received
// mosquitto_pub -u test -P test -t "RL/esp-{ESP-ID}/servo" -m "51" = this calls servo motor to change position
void iot_received(String topic, String msg)
  Serial.print("MSG FROM USER callback, topic: ");
  Serial.print(" payload: ");
  if(topic == MODULE_TOPIC)
// Function started after the connection to the server is established
void iot_connected()
  Serial.println("MQTT connected callback");
  iot.subscribe(MODULE_TOPIC); // Subscribe to the topic "servo"
  iot.log("IoT Servo example!");
void setup()
  Serial.begin(115200); // Setting up serial connection parameter
  //iot.setConfig("wname", WIFI_NAME);
  //iot.setConfig("wpass", WIFI_PASSWORD);
  iot.printConfig(); // Print json config to serial
  iot.setup(); // Initialize IoT library
  myservo.attach(SERVO_PIN); // Setting the servo control pin
void loop()
  iot.handle(); // IoT behind the plan work, it should be periodically called  
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