Windows IoT and C# Fundamentals

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Installing the Windows 10 IoT Core

Microsoft Windows 10 IoT OS system is available for download from Windows 10 IoT Core Developers tools [1].

Step 1
Download the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard Setup. Run the Setup.exe file and choose the Setup a new device tab as present in figure 1.

 Windows Insider Program Win10 IoT Core Setup
Figure 1: Windows Insider Program Win10 IoT Core Setup

Step 2
On the IoT Dashboard window, the User must choose the device type to install the OS system and the OS version to install (latest developer version 17763 or custom). The device's name and Administrator password can be set during SD card with OS preparation. The default password for the Windows 10 IoT Core is passw0rd If the Wi-Fi network Connection is available on the computer running the Setup, it is possible to configure the generated OS image to set this connection on the selected device board automatically.
Accepting the software license terms enables the Download and Install button to format the SD Card and prepare the OS image for the selected device board.
Choosing the Connect to Azure tab and following the Azure User registration opens the ability of the OS image to automatically connect to the Azure IoT hub after the device powers on.

Step 3
Start formatting the SD card and install the FFU image on it.

Step 4
Gently remove an SD card from the reader and push it into the Raspberry Pi SD card slot.

Step 5
Power on the Raspberry Pi board and follow the Windows 10 Core setup commands configuring the Windows 10 Core features.
After the board reboot, the Main Windows 10 Core screen displays (figure 2):

 Windows 10 Core system view
Figure 2: Windows 10 Core system view

The following subchapters present more information on C# programming for the Fog class devices, including introductory to the C# language:

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