AVR Practical Examples

Practical examples are built up in uniform style and as concrete as possible. Each example begins with a short introduction of the theory and gives necessary knowledges for completing the following practical part. Practical part contains commented example of the source code of the software. Generally the library of the HomeLab is used in the example of the code, but in some cases the registers are also configured. The first chapter is a little bit different with a bit different goal. It describes installation and set-up of necessary software. The examples are about Windows and Linux operation systems. Chapters and practical examples after the first chapter are suitable for both OS and development software.



There is a list of necessary knowledges to complete the example at each chapter of practical examples. In this list are references to other chapters of the book, which are marked with icons as follows:

  • [HW] Physical module used in th example.
  • [LIB] Part of the software library used in the example.
  • [ELC] Reference to the chapter Basics of electronics.
  • [AVR] Reference to the chapter AVR microcontroller's module.
  • [PRT] Reference to other exercises.

Basic software of the examples

As mentioned before, practical code samples are composed on the basis of the library of the HomeLab. There are most used specific AVR operations and procedures connected with the HomeLab’s modules written in the library. The usage of the library means that in order to start the modules the user does not have to write a hardware-like, program code which uses registers, although this opportunity always exists. Separating the software which communicates with hardware from the examples and exercises, allows the user to focus on creating his/hers own algorithm instead of peculiarities not connected to the hardware.

Code style of the examples

The example programs are written in one style, to achieve more synoptic program code. Uniform style makes the program more readable and prevents making simple syntax mistakes. It is advised to follow a certain style when making exercises. The main characteristics of the style:

  • Program, all its functions and variables are in English and in small letters, the words are separated with an under-strike.
  • Functions are in following form: object_action_subject.
  • more important places in the program are commented.
  • Every block in C-language (marked with { and } )starts and begins in separate row.
  • Blocks are tabulated with tabulator keys. Tabulator is not used inside rows.
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