Robotic HomeLab Hardware

The modules of the Robotic HomeLab are divided into different kits, allowing one to select the best option for the needs of a student or school. The simplest set is the Robotic HomeLab Basic kit including the components to carry out the basic microcontroller experiment. In addition to the microcontroller, the kit consists of a User Interface module with LCD display. Together with the Robotic HomeLab Basic kit, the Robotic HomeLab Add-On kit can be used; this includes different types of motors and sensors together with accessories and Communication module. The Robotic HomeLab Add-On kit cannot be used separately from the Robotic HomeLab Basic kit as the microcontroller is not included in the Add-On kit. In addition the RFID and Machine Vision modules are available. The Robotic HomeLab Basic kit together with the Robotic HomeLab Add-On kit is convenient to use and carry to home for the robotic experiments.

Robotic HomeLab generations

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