Smart home


A smart home is an automated house where different operations are driven by sensor data. Door switches, temperature and PIR sensors are just a few inputs for the system and switching lights, fans, heating on and off are few outputs what data can trigger. A smart home can have a simple operation but also very complex ones and AI involved algorithms in making inhabitant lives comfortable and convenient.


You need to create a simple sensor system which monitors the front door and people presence in the rooms. Based on sensor data you need to switch lights on and off. It is vital to deal also with delays that the switching lights off are not disturbing for persons in the rooms.

Hardware description

Remote lab instructions

  1. Log into your account at
  2. From under “My site” go to “My devices”.
  3. If you already have something booked then click on the “Book” link or icon.
  4. Choose available IoT device.
  5. Click on the “Book” link or icon.
  6. Choose your preferred end date by clicking on the empty field and then clicking on a date. Press save when you are done.
  7. Go back to “My devices” and choose the IoT device.
  8. In the code editor window click on the “Select Files” and under “Example Files” choose “IoT_DHT_Example.cpp” and “IoT_Relay_Example.cpp”.
  9. Start coding.

Running your code:

  1. While having the code you want to run open click on “Compile”.
  2. Wait for the compiler to finish and check for errors.
  3. If the compiler was successful, then click on “Execute”.

Saving your code:

  1. While having the code you want to save open click on “Save file as..”.
  2. Enter a name for your code and press “Ok”.
  3. To open your code, you can choose it from under “User files”.

Steps to solve the problem

  1. Choose the necessary sensors for your task.
  2. Find a solution to switch lights.
  3. Study control hardware and messaging logic.
  4. Develop a smart home network concept.
  5. Connect hardware and interface them with remote programming lab.
  6. Make a software code for all nodes in the system.
  7. Run the code and validate the results.
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