IoT Application Example Projects

Many IoT projects developed using an Arduino board can be found in the official Arduino Project Hub [1]. Here are stored multiple projects that are developed by Arduino enthusiasts. In many of the following examples, the Arduino Yun board is used, because it is easy to use a controller that contains the WiFi connection that is necessary for IoT solutions. Additionally, the Amazon services are used for storing and handling the sensor data.

One of the IoT projects available at the Arduino Project Hub is the Arduino Home Controller Activated by Alexa [2] (Alexa is the Amazon Echo dot [3]) that uses an Arduino Yun controller. In this solution, it is possible to control internet-connected devices around the home using voice, using Alexa and Amazon Web Service (AWS). Natural language voice commands are interpreted using Amazon Skill and a Lambda Function in the AWS. The developed system gives an opportunity to control four lights installed in the room, garage, kitchen and living room, temperature and humidity, buzzer alarm and WebCam that takes a security photo and sends it by e-mail.

The Home Security Model [4] is another example to monitor the security status in the real-time using sensors and internet connection. The system data can be accessed and controlled remotely using a smart device or a PC. In this project, the Arduino Yun and Arduino Mega controllers are used. The AWS IoT services are used for connecting the devices around the home. The system includes temperature and humidity, gas, water, vibration, current and ultrasonic sensors, and it controls the light in multiple rooms and a buzzer.

The project Plant Monitoring System uses AWS IoT [5] and gives the opportunity to track the temperature and soil moisture of the plant using AWS IoT. Using the Arduino Yun controller, the system monitors such parameters as the temperature, soil moisture and light value. These log data are stored in the AWS IoT service. Additionally, the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is used for sending notification informative e-mails about the status of the sensor measurements.

Here is another IoT project about the home automation system, called Arduino based Amazon Echo using 1Sheeld [6]. 1Sheeld is a hardware shield that allows using sensors of the smartphone as the inputs for Arduino. In this project, a smartphone is used to play music (Music Player Shield), interact with the person by responding to questions (Text to Speech Shield), return the real-time (Clock Shield), return the information about the weather (Internet Shield) and it is controlled by voice commands (Voice Recognition Shield).

Few of the Arduino IoT related projects are also provided on the website [7].

The first project that is viewed is the Harry Potter Weasleys' Clock using Bolt IoT [8]. The idea of this project is taken from the Harry Potter movie where the wall clock indicated the location of family members. In this modern IoT project, using Arduino Uno microcontroller, servomotor and Bolt WiFi Module, the clock that using arrow represents the location of the person that has a smartphone has been developed. The clock and the tracked smartphone are connected to the Bolt cloud server [9].

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