AVR Studio 4

This section contains the information necessary to install AVR development software on Windows operating system.


You need the following software which can be downloaded from manufacturers homepage or acquired from the CD supplied with the Robotic HomeLab kit.

1. AVR Studio

AVR Studio 4 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a base software for writing the source code, compiling it and uploading the program to the controller. AVR Studio can be downloaded from Atmel homepage.

2. WinAVR

WinAVR is a GNU-GCC compiler for AVR microcontrollers. This is a freeware which can be downloaded from Sourceforge webpage. During the installation process WinAVR offers a folder name containing long version number. We suggest to cut the version number from folder name and install it just like shown below:


3. Robotic HomeLab library

Robotic HomeLab library is a set of functions designed for Robotic HomeLab kit and AVR controllers. By using the library the programming is much easier and effective. Latest version of the library can be downloaded from the Robotic HomeLab webpage. This library should be installed in the same folder where WinAVR was installed.

For ATmega2561 based Robotic HomeLab

4a. JTAG liides

JTAG liides - HappyJTAG2 on liides programmaatori ja AVR Studio vahele. Tarkvara on pakitud zip failiks ja piisab selle lahtipakkimisest soovitud kataloogi näiteks C:\WinAVR (tarkvara eraldi paigaldada ei ole vaja) HappyJTAG2 for HomeLab

5a. Programmaatori ajur

Ajur võimaldab arvutiga ühendada programmaatori, mis asub kontrolleri plaadil. Kui ühendada kontrollerplaat arvutiga USB liidese kaudu peaks Windows teostama automaatse paigalduse (Windows 7). Kui avada paigalduse protsessi aken peaks nägema umbes järgmisi teateid:

Enne järgmist sammu tuleks oodata, kuni paigaldamine on täielikult valmis.

For ATmega128 based Robotic HomeLab

4b. Virtual COM port driver

Driver enables to connect USB JTAG-ICE programmer with your PC. Driver have to be installed before connecting the programmer. Driver file name is “CDM x.xx.xx.exe”, where “x” denotes the version number. After installing the driver you can connect the JTAG-ICE programmer through the USB port and let Windows to detect the device automatically. You should see the notice on the windows task bar.

Notice of finding the new device

According to number of virtual ports previously defined on the particular computer the windows assigns next port number for the new device. New COM port name (range number) is generated if the device is plugged in to the same computer using another USB port. Some AVR Studio versions can not use the programmer if the COM port number exceeds number 10 and number 4 in case of using it as debugger. To prevent this situation you can modify the assigned port number in Device manager and assign it to the range COM0…COM4. See the complete procedure here .

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